China Pays Off Miss World Pageant

Anastasia LinMiss Canada, Anastasia Lin, was not invited to attend the finals held in China. (Image: China Uncensored via YouTube)

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As the Miss World contestants arrived to compete in the finals held on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, Sanya, one country was not represented. The Miss Canada contestant, Anastasia Lin, who is very outspoken about human rights issues and religious freedom, particularly in China, was not welcomed.

Lin’s visa wasn’t approved before the pageant’s finals, which started last week, but in hopes of getting a tourist visa on arrival, she traveled to Hong Kong anyway. Chinese authorities were tipped off about her plans, and stopped her from boarding a flight from Hong Kong to Sanya.

Back in May when the 25-year-old beauty won the crown, she thought the global title would take place in Australia, but a week later, they announced it would be in China. Lin’s father — who still lives in China — was threatened by the Chinese authorities. Her father called her saying she needed to stop talking about China’s human rights abuses or he would sever contact with her. Lin initially stopped, but then did not submit to the regime’s tactics, and told the whole world what they were doing. Her father later called her and said it’s better if she doesn’t come back to China for the competition.

“The Chinese government has used this best part of a person — the care that we have for our family, the love we have — and used it as a weapon, and turned it around against us,” Lin told The Wall Street Journal.

“My work in film and TV have shed light on this issue that the Communist Party is very sensitive about… Some of them talk about the religious suppression and the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Some of them talk about the media control in CCTV,” Lin says in an interview with The Wall Street Journal below:

She told a reporter from Kanzhongguo (KZG) how she saw she could use beauty pageants to highlight human rights issues, something she is very passionate about. “I’m not a political person, I’m an actress, but I thought I could use the platform of beauty pageants to speak out for these people.”

State-run media Global Times hit back at the beauty queen, printing an article clearly trying to confirm to it’s own people that Miss Lin doesn’t know about her home country.

“It’s unclear whether she made the complaints because she is outspoken or sophisticated. When such a 25-year-old pretty girl grumbles that she is denied a visa for speaking the truth and criticizing the Chinese government, her words can easily gain sympathy from the Western public that already holds prejudices against China.

“Maybe the whole episode can be seen from a different perspective since usually a girl in her 20s can’t be too evil-minded. Probably because Lin moved to Canada at a young age, she lacks reasonable understanding of the country where she was born. She may not know that all performers should avoid being involved in radical political issues in the globalized times.

“Lin needs to learn to be responsible for her words and deeds, and for the possible consequences of the path chosen based on her own values.”

The Miss World pageant turned a blind eye to Lin not receiving a visa.

They claim they are not responsible for helping contestants obtain visas, and they don’t know what is in a contestant’s background to get them barred.

However, there is a reason why Miss World did not stand behind Miss Lin, and it’s what controls most big business… money. As explained in the China Uncensored video below, instead of the Miss World pageant having to pay to have the month-long contest in Sanya, the communist regime actually paid the pageant $4.8 million to hold it there.

“International organizations like this, when they decide to host an event in China, they shouldn’t give up their values. They shouldn’t just let the Communist Party do these kinds of unreasonable actions,” Lin says.


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