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Successful Businessman Finally Found What He Really Wanted

Успешeн бизнесмен най-накрая намери това, което наистина искаше

Riding a heavy motorcycle (Photo courtesy Lin Mingwei)

By Minghui correspondent Zheng Yuyan in Taiwan

(Minghui.org) Lin Mingwei founded Xiangyou Construction Company before he was 30 years old and was involved in important local public projects. His company adopted special construction methods to build environmentally-friendly houses, and the company’s real estate business thrived for decades. Mr. Lin also loves sailing and riding heavy motorcycles and founded the Taichung Sailing Committee to promote sailing sports. He occasionally also flies light aircraft.

Sailing (Photo courtesy Lin Mingwei)

Riding a heavy motorcycle (Photo courtesy Lin Mingwei)

Lin Mingwei’s company won the bid to repair and expand the Wufeng Sage Palace, a temple dedicated to Emperor Shennong (also called Yan Emperor), who is highly revered by the Taiwanese people and a deity that both the Hokkien and Hakka people believe in. The annual celebrations in honor of Emperor Shennong are very grand.

Several miracles occurred during the construction, and the project went very smoothly. Mr. Lin, who was told by his mother that he had a deep connection to Buddhism said, “Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I knew that as long as you sincerely respect and revere God, everything you do will go smoothly.”

How did such an astute businessman start practicing Falun Dafa?

A Mother’s Tears

Drinking is a big part of the business world, indispensable in socializing and entertaining colleagues and clients. Lin Mingwei drank a great deal and gradually became addicted to alcohol. After reaching the age of forty, hereditary gout began to bother him and he became short-tempered and irritable. When his mother called him on the phone at home, he often replied impatiently, “I am busy now! Do not interrupt me.”

Silently putting down the phone, his mother would tell his father, “Our son is cruel to me again.” Whenever this happened she felt sad and wept.

Lin Mingwei injured his foot while riding a bicycle in 2011. While recovering at home, he remembered that a friend’s daughter once gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun (the main teachings of Falun Dafa)

Джуан Фалун: Български | Руски | Английски и на сайта falundafa.org

in 2008 and asked him to read it and cherish it. He’d carefully put the book away but did not read it. As he lay there he thought, “I can’t go anywhere or do anything, why don’t I take a look at Zhuan Falun?” After reading a few pages, Lin Mingwei was deeply attracted by the simple and clear content. He couldn’t put the book down and thought, “This is exactly what I want!”

He’d finally found the answers to his lifelong questions such as the origin of the universe and the meaning of life. He decided to practice Falun Dafa.

Reading Zhuan Falun

Lin Mingwei reads the Fa and does the exercises every day, he also participates in group studies and exchanges cultivation experiences with other practitioners. He feels fulfilled and at ease. He often visits his parents and no longer has a bad temper.

His mother said, “Now my son speaks gently and treats family members considerately.” She cried again, but this time it was tears of relief and joy.

Helping Taiwanese People Understand the CCP’s Cruelty

Lin Mingwei drank less after he began practicing Falun Dafa but he still had the desire to drink. Once when he was drunk he was involved in an accident.

He recalled that Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, said, 

“Drinking alcohol is definitely addictive. It is a desire and stimulates one’s addictive nerves. The more one drinks, the more one becomes addicted to it. Let us think about it: As practitioners, shouldn’t we give up this attachment? This attachment must also be removed.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

Mr. Lin realized that he was a Dafa practitioner and he finally made up his mind to get rid of his addiction to alcohol. He stopped drinking and declined invitations to drink at social occasions or dinner gatherings with friends. His gout soon disappeared without medication.

He often goes to Sun Moon Lake and other popular tourist spots in Taiwan to demonstrate the exercises, introduce Falun Dafa, and hand out truth-clarification materials.

Lin has a friend who manages an international investment company and does business in China. Afraid that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would make trouble for him, his friend avoided getting close to Falun Dafa. Lin clarified the facts to him and invited him to watch a Shen Yun performance. His friend now has a positive attitude toward Falun Dafa. 

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