The March 14 Atrocity

…Then he groaned, “I'm going to die” after his ribs were broken. The guards were out of control. They still beat him like crazy…

Several days before the Chinese New Year of 2001, I was sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp and was taken to the Huanxiling Labor Camp in Jilin City, Jilin Province. The number of Falun Gong practitioners detained there had a sudden increase to 200. The labor camp gathered Falun Gong practitioners from five divisions and formed a single division specialized in detaining Falun Gong practitioners.

The division was composed of three teams: strict control, general control, and loose control. The general control team was on the second floor, strict control team on the third, and the loose control team on the fourth floor.

On March 10, 2001, a practitioner on the third floor bled from his nose and mouth as a result of beatings. He couldn't open one eye. He was also punished for three days in solitary confinement. Practitioners on the third floor decided to go on a hunger strike at breakfast, in protest of the brutality. This would be a collaborative effort for all three floors.

On the fourth day of the hunger strike, the chief of the detention center asked the three teams to send six representatives to a meeting. A 30-year-old practitioner and I were elected to be the representatives of the strict control team.

We submitted three requests:
1) Immediately release the practitioners in confinement;
2) The prison guard who did the beatings should apologize and promise no beatings in the future;
3) Abolish the punishment of “sitting on a plank.”

Other representatives proposed an hour of free time every day. Some requested two hours for Fa study and exercise time. Before all the representatives could finish their requests, the chief pounded on the table and yelled, “This is an institution for dictatorship! Meeting dismissed!”

On the fifth day, a little past 9 a.m. on March 15, 2001, all male prison guards and staff members at the detention center, totalling about 40 people, came with electric batons, toothed clubs, and sticks filled with lead shot. These sticks filled with lead were lethal.

They rushed into the second floor and asked, with the sticks in their hands, “Are you going to eat or not? Those who still refuse to eat step out!” More than 10 practitioners stepped out. They were dragged into the “discipline room” and severely beaten. Several couldn't dress themselves for days.

The guards then rushed to the fourth floor. More than half of the practitioners said they were not hungry. The guards beat them in another crazed round.

The third floor was the so-called “strict control team.” All practitioners on the third floor heard the screams and beatings on the second and fourth floor, they shouted together: “Beating is illegal! This is fascist behavior! You are extra guilty because you are supposed to reinforce the law! You were committing crimes in official uniforms!”

Some of us jumped hand-in-hand to make noises in protest.

The guards rushed to our floor. The first one kicked the door open and yelled, “Why don't you shout anymore!” The political instructor arrived a bit late and said, “No nonsense! Those who still refuse to eat stand aside!”

All of us stood up. The chief said, “OK. You deserve your name on the 'strict control team.'” He directed two guards to drag a Dafa practitioner to the nearby “discipline room.” One guard held the practitioner; the other beat him and shocked him with electric batons. The beating was crazy. They only stopped when the practitioner lost consciousness.

Niu Junhui from Shulan County, a 27-year-old man, was silent at the beginning of the beatings. Then he groaned, “I'm going to die” after his ribs were broken. The guards were out of control. They still beat him like crazy.

Niu was able to protect his head with his hands initially. But after he lost consciousness, his hands loosened up and the toothed club hit the left side of his head. The blood gushed out. A policeman took two rolls of toilet paper and tried to block the gash in his head. Niu had only a very weak heartbeat. He was dying. An ambulance took him away anyway.

Eight practitioners were beaten to unconsciousness in the strict control team. Three were taken to the No. 4 Hospital (the hospital designated for the labor camp) for emergency rescue. Sixty-five practitioners in the whole division were severely injured. One hundred and five experienced “normal” beatings. One died. Another practitioner, Hou Zhanhai from the Jilin City Transportation Team, died two days later, his lungs severely injured by the sticks filled with lead shot.

Based on, website keeping records on the persecution of the meditation practice Falun Dafa

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