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China Sent 150,000 Faulty COVID-19 Test Kits to Prague


Czech newspapers report that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent 150,000 faulty test kits to Prague. These testing kits returned false results up to 80% of the time. If the CCP used the same testing kits in China, then their “no new infections” claim must be questioned.

Since infecting the world with COVID-19, the CCP is proudly showcasing how they miraculously stopped the pandemic dead in its tracks. Their secret? Faulty test kits. Thanks to the CCP’s boundless generosity, these test kits might be coming your way.

Despite official state reports of millions missing in China, infected people rejected from hospitals, and countless infirmaries working 24/7, the CCP has pulled ventilators and testing kits from its own hospitals in China and donated them to countries like Iran and Italy over the last week. 

On March 19, when the CCP announced that there were no new infections, citizens rushed to social media the same day to prove it was a lie. Many had video footage of Wuhan, ground zero of the epidemic, revealing long lines at various hospitals and new facilities being built to accommodate the high demand of infected patients.

As for Prague and their faulty test kits from China, Czech newspaper Irozhlas reports: 

"We checked them on Saturday at the University Hospital Ostrava, but unfortunately the error rate was quite high, so now we are waiting for the results of further testing across the country, they have never been tested positively because it works with antibodies," said Svrčinová.

The CCP’s tendency to write pretty poems on test kit containers doesn’t seem to be enough to subdue the reactions of frustrated Czech healthcare workers stuck with useless diagnostic tools. The take home lesson for our readers? Keep an eye out for Made in China tags. 

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